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You are always striving to follow your own, unique path. Sometimes you stumble upon strenuous areas, or experience harsh weather. You can get confused or loose your direction. Still, deep within, you feel that the most important thing for you is to listen to yourself and to keep following the path. You know it will lead you to the right place.

In the Himalayan mountains, in Tibet, lives people called "Sherpa". They have developed unique abilities and skills that enable them to traverse most difficult mountain paths. Sherpa people serve as professional guides to alpinists because they can lead and support you through the challenging paths to the very mountaintops and beyond.

My task is to enable you to find your strength and self-confidence, to follow your path. I will guide you until you become the best guide to yourself.

I'm sure that along the way you will notice new opportunities and new paths that might lead you in new, unexpected directions.
Life Is An Adventure
I'm here to serve you as your private Sherpa, on your life path to your destination. I'm here to support you, for as long as you need it, in direction you choose to go, even if you're still in the process of choosing, which mountain peak to reach.
Realize what's most important
to you
Develop your abilities
Achieve your goals
Follow Your Path
Take on life's challenges
I offer my partnership to support and guide you through any challenges you might face on your life's path, through any changes and transformations of your life.

During sessions, through active listening and genuine interest in your success, I create criticism and label free zone, where you can feel safe and be honest with yourself. By looking deeper within yourself, discovering your true values, you will find inspiration, strength and commitment to follow your own path.

I coach online, worldwide, as long as your time zone matches my working hours. Preferred communication tools are GoogleMeet, Zoom or WebEx.
Meet Gints Janelsins
ICF accredited certificate
The Art & Science of Coaching
Master degree
in Corporate Communication
ICF accredited certificate
Workplace Coaching
Social sciences Bachelor degree
in Psychology
ICF accredited certificate
The Art & Science of Mindfulness
ICF accredited certificate
High Performing
Teams Coaching
I have received my professional training at Riga Erickson School of Coaching, and have become an active member at ICF Latvia chapter.
Certified as International Coaching Federation Associate Certified Coach,
I live by these standards and ethics both in the my coaching practice and personal life.
Where Will I Guide You
Career Path
You may be starting out in the world of work and having difficulties finding your way. You may be at major crossroads in your career - perhaps you're thinking of doing something completely different and don't know where to start. You may even be at the peak of your career success.

If you're unhappy at work and you're not sure what to do about it, career coaching can help you find out what you really want from your job and explore ways of getting it.
If you want to lead yourself, you need to know who you are and what experiences are important to you. Identifying your talents, skills, and strengths and values enables you to set and pursue goals by leveraging your strong points.

Everyone leads themselves. It is impossible not to do so. However, some lead themselves more consciously and effectively than others. Become a master of your own life.
Self-Leadership Path
Realize the most important
Career Path
You stand at the crossroads and are about to choose,
which way to go
You notice a fellow traveller sitting by the fire, inviting you for a conversation
You start a conversation with the traveller, and soon realize that conversation with him has made your choice obvious
You are excited to follow the chosen path and are ready for new discoveries it will bring
Self-Leadership Path
You are preparing for a big journey and want to build your strength for what's to come
You find a local Adventures Club, and meet with instructor to test your adventuring skills
Instructor helps you to realize that adventuring will require some skills that you already have, and then there are abilities you will have to level up
You are grateful for the self-discoveries you gained while engaging with the instructor. Now you feel that you can rely on yourself in any situations that The Journey could bring
The Coaching Packages
Career Path
3x sessions – 210 Euro
Minimum number of sessions to cover key areas of career coaching.
8x sessions – 520 Euro
Optimal number of sessions to cover key areas of career coaching, to start implementing steps towards career goals, and to adjust based on the real-life feedback.
4x sessions – 280 Euro
Minimum number of sessions to cover key areas of self-leadership coaching.
8x sessions – 520 Euro
Optimal number of sessions to cover key areas of self-leadership coaching, to work out individual interest areas in depth, to start practicing self-leadership, and to adjust based on the real-life feedback.
Self-Leadership Path
What My Clients Say
Steps of Career Coaching
Understand what is profoundly important in life for you, and what professional or career path can lead you to more fulfilling life experience.
Become more self-aware of any behavior or thought patterns that might be blocking you in achieving your career objectives.
In addition, you will get more honest, emphatic, and compassionate outlook on your professional ambitions in the wider context of your life and more career confidence, insight, inspiration, and encouragement.
In depth discussions with a solution-oriented approach, which aim at arriving to a plan, with concrete steps you can take to achieve your career objectives.
Steps of Self-Leadership Coaching
Deepen your self-knowledge by identifying your core values.
Deepen your self-knowledge by identifying your strengths.
Practice self-awareness and monitor your progress.
Identify your desired experiences and identify your goals.
Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.
Mark Twain
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